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“The satisfaction of remembering were taken from me, mainly because there was not anyone to remember with. It felt like shedding your co-rememberer meant shedding the memory itself, as In the event the items we would finished ended up considerably less real and critical than they were several hours before.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars tags: grief, reduction, memory 2980 likes Like

When girls ignore exterior objects and develops foresight and vibrant attitude by means of power of knowledge, she becomes supplier of wealths of skies and earth. Then she should marry an qualified husband.

You would probably be shocked. GOD calls himself jealous. Tyrant also bcoz he costs father’s mistake on to little ones of 3rd / 4th technology & egoistic way too bcoz requirements is hatred. This GOD is even worse than a person.

O bride! Action in the indestructible boat of prosperity and take your husband to shores of success.

Peak of selfishnes. Arz kiya hai, woh aaye hamare kabar per diya bujha gaye, Baki jo tail tha diya major sara sir pe laga gaye!

Dil jo tutega to fariyaad karoge tum. Hum na rahe to hume yaad karoge tum. Aaj to kehte ho hamare pass waqt nahi, par ek din mere liya waqt barbad karoge tum..........Sochna Zaroor yashu..........By Meetu

Mujh se har bar woh apni Mujh se har bar woh apni nazrien chura laita hay..may well ne kaghaz par bhi bana kar dekhy hay ankhien (*_*)By amjad hanif

Dil hai to Pyar hai, pyar hai to muhabat hai, muhabat hai to ishq hai, ishq hai to derd hai, derd hai to PANADOL hai. By Asma

“Without you in my arms, I feel an emptiness in my soul. I discover myself searching the crowds for your face - I realize it's an impossibility, but I can't help myself.” ― Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle tags: grief, love 2476 likes Like

Hasna hasana kisko gawara nahi hota har musafir zindagi ka sahara nahi hota milte hain log is zindagi key bohot har koi dost tumsa pyara nahi hota Mukhoji

Resulting from its unique type blend, Haunter and its evolutionary relatives would be website the only Poison-type Pokémon that are weak towards Dim-type moves.

1 Working day a monkey kicked a sarder on his back and run away.Sarder operate to capture him and discover a zebra in the sector.Sarder kicked the zebra on his back and said " Salla Trackshut pahenke dhoka de raha tha..."Deb Sankar

jis ko apna samjha wo hi jis ko apna samjha wo Hello begana nikla ham pe sitam karnay ko zamana nikla zulm karnay ki jis nay intaha kar de wo apna sinasha purana nikla By kamran Woh ZINDAGI Hello kya jisme FRIENDSHIP Woh ZINDAGI hi kya jisme FRIENDSHIP nahi.

Mushkil nahi hai Ishq ladana ,Us se bhi aasan nahi hai uska A Pyar pana ,phir bhi darte hai hum pyar karne se ,kyonki sabse mushkil hai usko bhulana jab d@sti ki dastaan waqt sunayega,

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